That’s a Wrap: Leather-Bound Art Journal

Don’t worry – it’s not real leather.

This project was a leftover from the bookmaking staycation at the Art Center a couple of weeks ago that I blogged about last week. I had upped the level of difficulty (and the time commitment) on this one because I craved a bit more texture than one layer of – what do we call it, vegan? – leather could offer on its own.

Plus I had all these beautiful scraps in coordinating colors, so… yeah. I kind of had to.

These books were meant to be chunky and a bit loose. Each of us got to make one with 4 signatures (5 sheets/10 pages each) of Archives RIves (R) BFK. We tore the paper rather than cutting it so we could retain the deckled edge look, which gives it a sort of rustic appeal that I love.


The pages open up really nicely because there’s no hard spine to prevent it laying completely flat. So this little notebook is going to make the perfect art journal… Wait, does that mean I have to start an art journal?

Maybe so… Tell you what, I’ll keep you posted.

The Whole Fam-Damily
The whole fam-damily

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