Zombie Christmas and Junk Journals: a Mixed Media Extravaganza!

For the past few weeks I’ve been swept up in a number of creative projects unrelated to each other and quite different in both medium and focus. It’s nice to have something to switch off to, though, when a project gets a little …meh. But what’s interesting is just how effortless it all seems. I have ideas and energy as needed for whatever I’m doing, and when it wanes, I switch. Must be I’m in some kind of flow.

I’m a hippy dancer. I love the flow.

This post is not about flowing or dancing, though. It’s about a brand new fascination in my life: handmade books. The idea has been calling me for some time, but I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it. Then I happened upon some online tutorials showing how to make little books out of manila folders and I was hooked.

That was one week ago. I stayed up until 5:00 am watching these videos. Rapt. Glued to my screen. Unable to tear myself away even to go to bed.


I know, right?

So, OK, it’s maybe a bit of an obsession right now. And I’m still finishing up my #HeadlessSelfies series. But this grabbed hold of me and I – I’m just trying to control the explosion. This is approximately what it looks like right now.


This one’s an art journal, and it’s not quite halfway finished. It looks pretty in photographs though, especially since it’s so colorful. It’s bursting with cool mixed media pages and little tuck spots (very big in junk journaling – for saving scraps and ephemera, a new word I learned this week). I’ll put more pics of this one below.

But first, a look back at my junk journal …uh, journey.

The first one was not quite so sexy. I made another one from an old book that’s not yet even worthy of having its picture taken. When it is, I’ll post them here. For now, there’s this.


I envisioned it as a field journal from the 19th century or something. I got a little carried away with the coffee staining and paper tearing, but hey – I didn’t really have any supplies to speak of.


I managed to put together some basic supplies and started playing around with mixed media. The first one ended up in the trash. The second one… well, let’s just say it didn’t turn out like I expected.

I’m calling this one Zombie Christmas.


I have a lot to learn about mixing paints, ha!

But I think my technique has markedly improved over a few short days. Here are my most recent efforts. They make me smile. Hope they do you, too.




I’m totally in love with this process! It’s much less fussy than the #HeadlessSelfies project and requires next to no accuracy. In fact, you almost can’t screw this up because you can always just paint over a mistake. Or incorporate a new color into the page.


Mixed media loves mistakes. And I find that highly agreeable. For now.



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